Nepentha club

In the center of downtown Milan Nepentha Disco Club is a must, a local site in Piazza Diaz No one who has made history over the decades in the landscape of Milan entertainment. At Nepentha leads entering from beneath the arcades and down the stairs you enter the local real; soft lighting with red and blue dominant greet you in a refined setting in minimalist traits but completely cured. Call us to book your table reservation in the best Clubs in Milano  Tel: +39 3928206811


Liveried waiters accompany you instantly with now rare professionalism to your table and Nepentha The restaurant seats up to 150 people and great cuisine is accompanied by an excellent cellar of the best national and foreign wines. Dinners range from those of typical Milanese cuisine to those Mediterranean and international proposing even after dinner and drinks. Nepentha-milan The local public is absolutely heterogeneous and as old as it comes. VIPs, celebrities, models, businessmen and young people of Milan are mixed with good cohesion in an upscale environment.

Call us to book your table reservation in the best Clubs in Milano  Tel: +39 3928206811


The music ranges gender-house but never be neither too dull nor too intrusive. The door policy is a must but the bonus of being able to live and breathe the air of a club that offers more than forty years, while maintaining its own identity, an ever offered in line with the times and the expectations of the public is priceless. The Nepentha in summary offers a unique experience must try to break away from the standard of the local offerings in the Milan scene!